1. What is REKA?

    In 2013, Ryu Tanaka & Haziq Faris founded the concept of building a research & development company that would build technology to solve problems within communities all around the world, and that technology should be non-intrusive, sustainable & above all 'speaks' to the user in a way that using it comes naturally.

    Started out as REKA Studios Enterprise, REKA have been trying to reach out to the communities with good technology and design by bringing awareness of technology application. Sustaining the company with Graphic Designs and Web Development, we soon reached a point where business is stopping soon. That is when teaching technology become essential to REKA.

    We spread the joy of building technology to schools, universities and the general public, making great innovation to improve one's life and taking control of your daily problems, that is what REKA is all about. Helping People...

    In 2015, we grew in terms of knowledge and family size, founding our Engineering & Technology Department, gearing towards pure research & development with new LEADERS hoisting the sails of REKA as our core members. At this point, REKA is building disruptive and new technologies while struggling to keep the company together.

    At this point, we restructured REKA from REKA Studios Enterprise to REKA Inisiatif Sdn Bhd. In the beginning we are known by REKA Studios, now we are also known as REKA.