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Well look no further as this page exists to quench your curiosity and ease your research process. From newspaper articles to live stream video, any form of media, you name it, we got it all in our collection here!

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Locally-developed autonomous car by Reka Studios – the journey from Cambridge and Google to Melaka

Date : 6 Dec 2017 | Media credits : Paul Tan Automotive (EN)

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Perusahaan Start Up Malaysia Mulai Kembangkan Mobil Autonomous

Date : 9 Dec 2017 | Media credits : Otodriver

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Autonomous Vehicle Startup REKA Expands Beyond Malaysia with Foreign Partnership

Date : 22 Jan 2018 | Media credits : Motion Digest

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Kereta Pandu Sendiri Jadi Tumpuan Pada NICE 2017

Date : 15 Oct 2017 | Media credits : Astro Awani

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Malaysian Self-driving Car: Chasing Global Technology

Date : 20 Apr 2017 | Media credits : MBOT Techies

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