Back-end Developers
IT/ Computer Science students/graduate

  • We're looking for intelligent, motivated and hard-working people who care about code quality, user interface, design and want to build technology that helps people solve real-world problems.

    Below are some are the things we prefer you would know but is not compulsary and you still could apply even not having some of the criterias:

  • To get a better picture of what we can offer you, check our Careers page but we can say why should you join us because:

    • it's a chance to communicate your own ideas and bring them to life
    • it's a chance to gain new skills and learn new technologies
    • it's a chance to share your knowledge with the rest of the team as well as young colleagues
    • it's a chance to get hands on and gain actual working experience
    • to profit from our experience
    • working on developing cool internal projects
    • to challenge of borders of science and technology

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