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Erudite - /ˈɛru(ː)daɪt/
adjective; having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying.

REKA Erudite is the education division of REKA that is committed to teaching, spreading awareness and community building of science & technology.

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Fun with Technology Untuk Remaja, a programme where teenagers can explore their potential and interest in technology. REKA aims to spread the awareness and passion for technology from an early age, in hopes to create great minds that can create great things for the future.

On October of 2017, REKA and TM:RE launched an inisiative to spread the word about Internet of Things. This movement consists of several workshops held over the course of three months, ending it with a major event, which is the REKATHON 2017, a hackathon with an IoT theme. This initiative is aimed to spread the knowledge of IoT to all Malaysians through #StartIoT.

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Q3/Q4 2018