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One Day

Module Overview

Introductory Course

No prerequisite required

We offer one day introductory courses suitable for all ages. The courses we offer range from App development and embedded systems to the up and coming technology of Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous systems!

This kind of course does not need any prior knowledge to the chosen module, and is definitely for those who are curious and intrigued about new technology.

  1. #STARTIOT Workshops
  2. Mini IoT
  3. App Dev Express
  4. Autonomous World
  5. Web Application
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Embedded System Tech

Boot Camp

Module Overview

Mastery Course

3 Days to 1 week

Think you already know the basics of the modules? Then immerse yourself in a Mastery Course REKA has to offer. Ranging between 3 days to a week, we can provide the syllabus for a variety of topics such as Robotics, IoT, Autonomous Tech, Agro Tech and Blockchain.

If you want to dive in deeper into the rising technology, REKA Boot Camp is definitely for you!

  1. Robotics
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Autonomous Tech Education
  4. Agro Tech
  5. Blockchain

Short Course

Module Overview

Technical Training

3 Weeks to 6 months

Do you feel like what you know is not enough? Is your thirst for knowledge extremely unquenched? Well, look no further as REKA can be able to help quench that thirst! With our 3 week to 6 month, university-like syllabi, we provide a variety of training on various topics.

Unlike our other Technical Training modules that we offer, our Short Courses offer a more in-depth and hands on learning experience, leaving you with a lot more to learn and explore. You will come out of the courses as if you have graduated from university. And with the fresh new knowledge you have gained, there is no stopping you for obtaining more!

  1. Raspberry Pi: Software Hardware & IoT Application
  2. RIG IoT: All in One
  3. Big Data: Analysis to AI
  4. AI at a Glance
  5. Image Analytics: See and Understand
  6. Embedded System
  7. Android App Development
  8. iOS App Development
  9. MATLAB: Data Analysis
  10. Circuit Design & Fabrication
  11. Autonomous Vehicle

Community Building

Kick start FuTURe Programme

At Kolej Yayasan Saad

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FuTURe Programme

Fun with Technology Untuk Remaja

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Social Experiment

One of our own TheIgnition Haboque Ferus volunteered to conduct a Social Experiment on the lives of homeless and see through their eyes what life is.

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Google Summit

The.Ignition of REKA, Haziq Faris as one of the speaker for AppsEvents Malaysia Summit featuring Google for Education!

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Startup Teens 2014

At Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

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Street performance, with a technological twist.

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A REKA X TM:RE Inisiative

Spreading awareness

Internet of Things


On October of 2017, REKA and TM:RE launched an inisative to spread the word about Internet of Things. This movement consists of several workshops held over the course of three months, ending it with a major event, which is the REKATHON 2017, a hackathon with an IoT theme. This initiative is aimed to spread the knowledge of IoT to all Malaysians through #StartIoT.

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