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  • What are the course difficulty levels?

    Our courses consists of three difficulty levels; Introductory, Mastery and Technical Training. All three levels are designed for the curious, motivated individuals looking to advance their skillset - or embark on new ones. People from all types of professional backgrounds and experience levels are highly encouraged to join REKA's movement to educate the community to equip individuals with industrial needs in a variety of topics such as Internet of Things and Robotics. If you still have a more specific module we would like to teach, please don't hesitate to reach out - we're happy to accomodate.

  • Do I need to bring my own laptop?

    If you are an individual coming to our classes, you need to bring your own laptop. Trainers will help setting up on the day.

    If you are joining as part of your company or institution training course, it is most likely that they will provide the essentials on the day unless stated otherwise.

  • What are the prerequisites for me to join any of the courses offered?

    We try not to intimidate potential enthusiasts with long lists of prerequisites. However, it is important to note that Introductory courses are meant for those with no prior knowledge a all. While the Mastery and Advanced course are meant to cater to those who have even the most basic knowledge in the topic. Don’t fret about what you know and what you don’t when it comes to the topic. Ask yourself this before deciding to enrol in one of our courses, how deep into the topic do I want to go? Don’t let the lack of prior knowledge stop you from immersing yourself in any of the courses and topics we offer. If you feel like you are knowledge deficit on the day of the course, don’t hesitate to let our trainers know and we will perform a quick explanation of the basics for you to carry on with the courses!