REKA mé·tier It's something we refer to when talking about our services, classes, ventures and products. Mé·tier is a word to describe a trade, occupation or work and for us, that is broken into the four categories below:
100% total love and devotion for our customers.

We make sure to pull through each venture.

Web & Mobile App Development
Android, iOS & Web Apps
Research & Technology Transfer
Patents, Copyrights & Research
Social Media Marketing
Set your trend
Digital Creative
Design user-attracting products and anything on screen
Product &Technology Development
Realize your ideas into real products
Electonics & Mechanical Engineering
Design, build, supply & mass produce
2,046 hours spent teaching local communities. 2,000 over of students have started building tech. 30 schools, institutions & companies have been taught.
12 new product innovations invented at our hackathons and workshops.

Teaching technology and building user-centered products.

Learn @ REKA
7++ product development consultation and training have been coordinated to solve problems within their respective industries for universities and companies. Consult @ REKA
196 countries in the world 7,000,000,000 people living Limitless opportunities and business ventures.
Idea sometimes is not easy to turn into a good venture.

We help each other and complete the puzzle.

Meetup & Discuss
Is this a good venture idea?
Start New Venture
Refine Idea

CRETA 1   that's the number of our very own Self Driving Car built in 2016.
SEKITAR 5 units of our big data analyzing smart city device being deployed for deep learning.
MiCE 2 units of our vehicle location & behavioural IoT tracker has been deployed on university buses.
JAA System 1 unit A device powered by RIG to split signal.
SubSurface 7 units A theft prevention IoT device, collecting & profiling of behavioral data to predict possible theft 10 minutes before it happened.
RIG stands for ' REKA Innovation Gear '.

An IoT Board for the masses. The freedom for users to be builders.

Build @ REKA