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As mobile games grow increasingly social and physical, today’s players want to interact with a more real world experience. To tackle this problem, RODEO set out to create a new type of social gaming app that rewards you while interacting with brand or media owners.

Having multiple apps for managing a single car is inconvenient for users anywhere. SERV enables vehicle management to be simple and convenient from owning your vehicle digitally to getting the right services for your car in addition to tracking your vehicle health.

As the world is going through a global crisis, the COVID-19, having insights on the movement of vehicles and population density is crucial in flattening the curve. Our client sets out to develop and deploy multiple smart city sensors across the globe, building a data-driven platform.

As the heavy equipment industry is growing, clients are demanding for more frequent and convenient service to be delivered. UMW aims to be the platform that adopts an on-demand cloud service to tackle an industry that is underserved with technology.

What we can do for you?

We understand the intricacies of research and development inside-out. That’s why we can provide a wide range of services, from discovery phase and science research, to building rock-solid Mobile and Web applications or even IoT devices enriched with user-centered experiences.

Digital Technology

We design with the idea to make your product fast, intuitive and beautiful, which includes Mobile and Web Applications, IoT Devices, APIs or Cloud Technology

Research & Development

We create an action plan to deliver solutions tailored to your needs, from research papers to prototypes, from our lab to the market.

These companies trust us

From local startups to global corporations, successful organizations start with REKA. We’re trusted by funded startups, brands and large companies to design and develop their products or technology.

Our focus is R&D

How do we manage to run REKA with distributed staff and an ever-changing landscape of missions (it’s what we call our projects) ? We run as a consultancy plus development lab/studio, having subject matter experts on various fields in science and technology.


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